Here are some common questions we get asked and our answers:

The answer to this is maybe. But if you are going through chaos and your marketing strategy isn't making it easier for you to navigate, then we suggest outside help. You need to lay a new, solid foundation and an outside third party like kinfizz will make it quicker and more efficiently (while letting you take care of your day to day work). 

Hiring outside help for marketing work doesn't always make sense, but when it comes to strategy work, we recommend it for the following reasons:

- quicker delivery as it is our main work and we know what we are doing 

- cost-efficient as you will not have to drain your resources

- no hidden agendas as our only goals are to make you and your company shine

- more likely to get all stakeholder buy-in

Through years of experience, we have learned that the quicker we work the better for you and us. Our process is tried and tested.

This to us is great news, as our goal is to make the companies shine, ideally with no outside trace of us having been present. We see ourselves as third-party helpers that help organizations listen more to themselves (and its inner voice). Whether you chose to listen to us or not, is up to you, but our results show that our work gives great results. 

It all depends on the size of your company and your situation. But yes we have helped companies worldwide with both half-day and one-day workshops build the foundation to create a great marketing strategy. However, these types of workshops are more geared towards entrepreneurs and small companies. Read more here.

The day-to-day kinfizz team is small, but we have a library of 50 subject matter experts that are spread across the world and represent every industry you can imagine. This way we can come in and do our work quickly in any industry possible. 

We believe all companies are same, same, but different. Yes, we may not have encountered your specific situation before but with years of experience, we have been able to see trends in types of change scenarios. Our blue-penciling process is built with this in mind and we customize every project we work on accordingly. 

In most companies we work with the marketing agencies that are hired - do the tactical work but rely on the company itself for the marketing strategy. We always include any marketing agencies you may work with into the blue-penciling process. 

- for a marketing agency to do tactical work for you

         - the result of our marketing strategy will guide you, but we don't do websites, social media, marketing collateral or any marketing tactics

- for an on-going marketing strategy consultancy

      - we come into your company and do our work in 1-3 months and leave. 

- your organization is able to work with our quick timelines

- that a strong marketing strategy can positively impact your entire organization

- in stakeholder buy-in for your marketing strategy