kinfizz partner Einy interviews fellow partner Kine

M&A Insights Kine and Einy Paulsen kinfizz

It is long overdue that kinfizz relaunched its own blog, so what better way to kick it off by our founders Kine and Einy Paulsen interviewing each other. Or more accurately Kine interviewing Einy. The vice versa will happen later this spring. 

Kine: The best way to start this interview is probably by you explaining who you are and what kinfizz is? 

Einy: I’m Einy Paulsen and I am a partner atkinfizz - an LA based management consulting company. We specialize in helping companies in chaotic environments solidify a marketing strategy that helps the entire company know what direction it is going in. Mostly, we do this post-M&A, but we also do work with newly funded startups, companies going through financial reorganization and management changes. 

Kine: Why do you focus on marketing strategy?

Einy:After running kinfizz for a couple a year as a traditional marketing agency we realized our team’s core strength is marketing strategy, especially iin chaotic environments. Be it due to a management change, economic downturn, or M&A. We have done some amazing projects, especially within M&A. Up to 80% of all M&A transactions fail. We come in the 0-6 months after a transaction and using our own proprietary method, called blue-penciling, and uncover what is working. Marketing strategy is a driver for success both internally and externally and we help create a solid short- and long-term marketing strategy for the new company. We love being the third party mediator and get people to work together in the same direction.

Kine: What are some key advice from our work that you think any company can implement when it comes to marketing strategy?

Einy: I like to say that what we do is just as important for any company, we just happen to do it when during a time that there is more attention to the company and therefore more apparent. Most companies may have a marketing strategy in place, but most companies don’t have a solid marketing strategy that can endure chaos and change. Your marketing strategy should consist of a clear direction and with tactics that you know work. It should also be something everyone in your marketing team (and even broader teams) understand and respect. If not, you are just one bad product, recession or unpredicted incident away from failure. 

Kine: There is a lot of talk about an imminent recession. What are your thoughts on that and the work that we do? What can companies do differently in terms of marketing strategy?

Einy: There have been almost fifty documented recessions in the USA since the Articles of Confederations was signed in 1777. In other words, not only are recessions common but they are arguably frequent too. Regardless of when I would say that preparation is always key. And having a marketing strategy in place can truly aid the effects of market activities on any company. So often, we see that companies are invested in unclear marketing plans filled with costly, low ROI marketing tactics that no one understands. Ever since the digital marketing industry really took off there is a new trend and new tactic that companies buy into. Often it is only one person in the company (if even) that understands the impact of such efforts. How do you think, something as unpredictable as a recession will impact that? Or any change for that matter? Having helped companies find ways to have sustainable marketing strategies in place has shown that companies can feel more protected from a recession and how it will impact the bottom line. 


Kinfizz was established is based in Los Angeles. Since 2014, we have helped over 50 different companies and individuals achieving their sales and growth goals through our proprietary method, called blue-penciling. We help established companies grow sales by uncovering what marketing methods work and eliminating the ones that don’t. After a large organizational change, like M&A, the company is in the best position to get everyone on the same page. And get excited!