3 quick questions with Jason Yeh

3 quick questions with Jason Yeh

Jason Yeh is a man of many talents and always have multiple projects at once. He is the founder of Adamant Ventures where the focus is on making fundraising easier for as many entrepreneurs as possible. In addition he is Technology Advisory Board Member for Delta Air Lines. And on top of that he is the host of the podcast Funded which sheds light fundraisers. 

We recently had a chance to interview tech entrepreneur Jason Yeh about marketing and his advice for businesses in today's climate. 



1. Thank you so much for doing this with us! Our readers would love to “get to know you” better. Can you share with us what you do and the story about how you first got started? 

In March of 2020, I stepped away from a startup I was CEO of to let my co-founders take it in a different direction.  The plan was to take the rest of 2020 off to travel the world or maybe move abroad even.  COVID had different plans for me so while stuck at home, I decided to start taking meetings with entrepreneurs to try to help however I could pro bono.  After a handful of meetings, I kept hearing the same problems around not understanding the ins and outs of fundraising.  I decided to start building tools, frameworks, and strategies based on my experience as a former venture capitalist and venture-backed founder to try to help more founders at greater scale.  Fast forward to today, I have since released a variety of tools for free, done pro bono consultations with over 100 founders who continue to recommend me other amazing founders, and partnered with Silicon Valley Bank to teach workshops focused on fundraising.  

Looking back, I almost didn’t get started because I didn’t think that my market was large enough, that I was differentiated enough, or that there was any money to be made in this space.  I now realize, if you have a way to help just one person with a personal expertise you have, there are thousands of similar people who would want your help.  Start there in earnest and the money will find you.

2. What is your number one advice to a business owner in today’s climate? 
Know how to focus and say no.

3. How do you handle times of chaos? 

I try to hang on to my own stoic principles of never too high, never too low.  It’s not easy but being grateful for what I have is also helpful.

Rapid-fire questions: 

- early or late riser? early

- texting or email? I guess texting but both are evil. If I could figure out better ways to combat my attachment to devices I would…

- what is the last article you read? I read a beautiful zine called Eat Bitter written by Lydia Pang

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Follow him personally on adamantventures.comtwitter.com/jayyeh, Linkedin.com/in/jayyeh and instagram.com/jayyeh.

Follow his podcast Funded Fundedpod.com, instagram.com/fundedpod and twitter.com/fundedpod

Thank you, Jason, for taking the time to do this interview. We love your drive and advice.